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Rafael Casal, “Barbie & Ken 101”

Sometimes I feel like I’m sitting in the back row of Barbie and Ken 101, a class we are all in, but never seem to learn from. Some general ed requirement for students of american culture. A GE that convinces even the brightest of young women that sex is survival of the thinnest and I’m sick of this education that doesn’t serve our best interests

My teacher has no face, she is every Revlon model women have ever chased her lectures come through magazines in beauty shops and ad campaigns, shit, just turn on your TV. This just in, a skewed perspective for todays youth you all ladies aren’t thin enough, fellas aren’t trim enough, wanna be sexy? You all don’t go to the gym enough, cut to commercial, come on just come tune in to our maintenance team, convince you’re ugly then tell you how to fix it with Maybelline.

Perpetually started by these dolls marketed in the late 50’s named Barbie and Ken; hence the class I’m in. Are you following? Shit didn’t end. They keep molding Barbie to fit new trends, next maybe they’ll have club hoppin’ Barbie, with thongs as accessories; video hoe Barbie, abusive boyfriend sold separately. Underaged Barbie, Cobey Bryant included or 9/11 victim Barbie and Ken is proud to get recruited.

Problem is all these teachings are woman’s decay and I’m starting to worry because my girl is up front and she’s getting an A. This is where I start getting pissed off, okay? When the fuck did it become all about tucking in the gut, I gotta get the bigger breasts, shit I wanna fit a little better in a dress. So let me get a little skinny gotta fit into an itty bitty, size slimmer so I living up the chest, please.

Teacher, teacher, I want to give my oral presentation, because I have a problem with the class, and matter of fact, I have, a fat ass grudge with the whole administration. You’re the reason my girl won’t eat in front of me in restaurants; the reason that she thinks she’s overweight in over ten spots; less gut less pudge less lunch less real, more looks more love more Barbie appeal? 

Fuck Barbie and Ken. 

 My future daughter will never play with them. You’re the reason bleeding 15 year old girls arms are slit, you made 12 year olds think skinny was a compliment. And now it’s too late, I can’t write my way through this bathroom door.So I raise my hand in class because I can’t stand it any more. Teacher, teacher, your lecture’s all backwards. You got mothers and daughters forgetting what matters because above tits, ass, lips, legs, and uggs, the most attractive women are the ones who don’t give a fuck. So screw your teachings, your lessons and plans. You skewed sick distant relative of the man. Your plan for brainwashing my baby, I reject, I’m walkin’ out of this class, and I will proudly take, my F.

This. Always this.

i almost forgot about this.

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